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Algolia powers the search and discovery experience behind over 6,500 companies, including Coursera, NPR, National Geographic, LegalZoom and Stripe.

What led you into marketing?

I love the intersection between product, marketing, and sales. Marketing plays a key role as a connector between all three functions to create a winning go-to-market effort. Marketing has become even more exciting and challenging with the explosion in marketing technology, the web, mobile and social. Today’s CMOs need to build teams with wide-ranging skills and specialties.

What does a typical day look like?

No two days are the same. My days often start in meetings with other executives ensuring the overall company is aligned in our top priorities and projects. From there, the top projects typically include new pipeline generation programs, customer meetings, product launches, and sales enablement programs. Finally, because Algolia is in hyper-growth, I’m spending a lot of time on recruiting and hiring.

What’s your setup?

What are your go-to marketing tools or blogs?

I’m very data-driven, so we spend a lot of time in Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Looker.

What’s your favorite growth hack of all time?

I love to figure out how to monetize free offers because they can be so viral. My favorite example of this is DocSearch from Algolia. It’s a 100% free, amazing solution for searching documentation with a subtle “Powered by Algolia” logo. It’s powering hundreds of thousands of searches everyday across the web and it’s been a phenomenal way to create awareness and attract new customers.

What company do you admire for their brand?

When it comes to B2B marketing, it’s tough to beat Salesforce. There are lots of successful B2B technology companies, but few have used marketing as such a key part of their go-to-market. The keynotes at Dreamforce are particularly good at telling the company’s bigger vision and then every employee at the company is on-message for the entire show.

If you had to give a marketing course, what would you teach?

It’s tough to pick, so the easy way for me cheat is to pick digital marketing. Today’s digital marketing really requires you to take an end-to-end view on their entire marketing and sales funnel, including awareness, social, advertising, the web experience, prospect education, the free trial experience, the hand-off to sales and post hand-off nurturing. It truly requires a customer-centric, data driven view of the entire buying cycle.

What’s the most exciting opportunity you’ve seen to grow your business this year?

It’s funny to say for a company with 6,500 customers, but it is really all about awareness, messaging and customer stories. Our customers are seeing incredible results in terms of increased revenue, increased engagement and better customer experiences. If we can amplify that message in the market our potential for growth is unlimited.

What marketing challenges do you face at your company?

We’re growing at 80% plus which means finding new ways to scale is a constant journey for us. So we are constantly asking: “How can we do 10X more of this?”

What do you think most marketers get wrong?

You can never be too customer-centric. For marketing, you often have multiple “customers” including customers, prospects, sales people, partners, other marketers and many more. In particular, it’s absolutely crucial that marketers understand the needs of prospects and salespeople. Truly being able to put yourself into their shoes is a critical skill that many marketers overlook in the day-to-day rush of execution. Getting this right can be a huge multiplier for everything else you do and for recognizing what not to do.

Any advice for ambitious marketers?

  1. Go somewhere you can learn from the best. I’ve seen so many good people reinventing the wheel because they don’t know what good looks like.
  2. Build your analytical skills. The more digitized marketing becomes, the more data-driven you have to be to understand your business at scale.
  3. Spend a year in sales, in any sales role. You will never look at marketing, sales or your prospects the same again.

Anything you want to promote or plug?

We are hiring!!! Check us out at www.algolia.com/careers. If you don’t see a role right for you, email us at [email protected]

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Megan Sakakibara


Unbounce is the landing page platform that gives marketers a way to build and test high converting landing pages without disrupting a developer. Unbounce has powered over half a billion conversions and serves more than 15,000 customers worldwide including The New York Times, Hootsuite, World Vision, and the Red Cross.

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Elizabeth Donovan


Ueno is a creative agency that designs and builds beautiful brands, products, and marketing experiences. Founded in 2014, Ueno now has more than 65 full-time employees and four offices in Iceland, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Clients include Google, Verizon, Airbnb, Apple, Chubb, Dropbox, Facebook, Fitbit, Lonely Planet, Medium, Red Bull, Reuters, Samsung, Globo, Slack, Uber, and Visa. Learn more at Ueno.co.

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Adam Ruhland

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is a simple agile based project management solution for productive teams. Our team is fully remote across over 20 countries and we use our own product to get more work done.

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